Dubai Creek Harbour: A Neighborhood of Innovative Architecture

On: May 21, 2019
Dubai Creek Harbour A Neighborhood of Innovative Architecture

The developers, Emaar Properties, have particular interest in creating architecture that fuses creativity, cutting-edge technology, innovation and design. Engineer and architect Santiago Calatrava has already been selected to create a tower that will serve as the centerpiece at Dubai Creek Harbor. 

World-Famous Architect, known for Pyramid at Lourve, I.M. Pei dies at 102

On: May 21, 2019
World-Famous Architect, known for Pyramid at Lourve, I.M. Pei dies at 102

His buildings are simplistic, inviting, elegant and iconic. He’s also known for his use of geometry and light. He was a leader in designing cultural institutions and cultural center points. He’s won every notable architectural award, including the Pritzker Prize. Judges at the time said Pei created “some of [the century’s] most beautiful interior spaces and exterior forms.”

New York City Selects Finalists for Big Ideas for Small Lots Competition

On: May 21, 2019
New York City Design Competition

Space is a hot, and expensive, commodity in New York City and housing is in short supply. Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to address affordable housing shortages by utilizing smart architectural design. Thus, the Big Ideas for Small Lots NYC design competition was born. The challenge was organized by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the American Institute of Architects in New York. The design competition tasks architects with imagining spaces that maximize space on small, city-owned lots.

Spotlight on Architecture: Kansas

On: April 9, 2019
Spotlight on Architecture Kansas

Nestled in the northeast part of Kansas is Lawrence, a city known for its iconic main street, Massachusetts Street. Massachusetts Street, known to locals as Mass Street, or Mass, is a top destination for Kansas travelers on TripAdvisor.

Vacant Historic South Carolina Building Could Turn into Hotel

On: April 9, 2019
Vacant Historic South Carolina Building COuld Turn Into Hotel

Now, a Greenville resident wants to return the hotel to its former glory and fix up the space that could accommodate up to 33 hotel rooms. NAF Holdings, an asset management company, bought the building from Preservation South Carolina with the intention of restoring the hotel that overlooks the Edgefield town square.

Save The Egg: Oklahomans Rally to Save Historic Church

On: April 9, 2019
Save The Egg Oklahomans Rally to Save Historic Church

The 22-acre church has been trying to sell the property for years and may have a future owner lined up, but that owner would knock it down. Protesters gathered outside the dome-shaped building with signs like “Please Don’t Fry The Egg” and “Are you Yolking Me?”

Voting Opens for Iowa Architecture People’s Choice Award

On: April 9, 2019
Linn-Mar High School Addition and Renovation

13 buildings are competing for the Iowa chapter of the American Institute of Architecture’s People’s Choice Award. The organization has narrowed down the top contenders for this year, which include schools, a hospital, and business centers. Voters can select their favorite places once a day per device until April 30th.  The winner will be chosen May 1st. Top Contenders Linn-Mar High School Addition and Renovation Pictured above, Linn-Marr High School was built in 1959 and has since been through a variety of confusing changes and renovations. The architects behind the most recent renovation, DLR Group, wanted to create a space… Read More

Famous Victorian Era Homes, Architecture on Display in Thomasville, Georgia

On: April 9, 2019
Famous Victorian Era Homes - Thomasville Georgia

For the first time in 15 years, Thomasville will host a Spring Ramble and open up its historic homes to visitors and tourists.  April 12-14, “ramblers” will stroll through architectural masterpieces on guided tours through Thomasville. The town, once was known as the winter resort of the south, was built and frequented by wealthy families in the late 1800’s.

Pepperdine’s Architecture And Fire Safety

On: March 25, 2019
pepperdine architecture fire safety

Pepperdine’s best defense against wild fires is the campus design itself. Its architect was William Pereira, who was based in Los Angeles. Pereira was commissioned to create a master plan for Malibu in 1965, but the plan was never made public. Instead he was able revisit his ideas with Pepperdine years later when they gave him the opportunity.

Weatherization and Renewable Energy Course

On: March 25, 2019
sustainable architecture

Our 6-hour course on Weatherization and Renewable Energy is approved for 6 HSW credits and available as an online HD video. This course will explore factors that contribute to exterior shell failure and identify practical solutions that will preserve the integrity of the building envelope. As well as look into technological innovation that creates new possibilities, incorporating energy-efficiency into building projects.