Thermoset Technology – Stronger & Lighter Than Steel

On: July 18, 2019
Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Stronger and lighter than steel, Thermoset technology may be the future of architecture. According to an article by Arch Daily, this revolutionary material solves many common structural and construction problems while simultaneously allowing architects a new freedom with their designs.

Renowned Architect Philip G. Freelon Passed Away July 9th

On: July 18, 2019

Freelon was an architect noted for his work on several high profile buildings including “the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson” (NYTimes).

Detroit Revitalization

On: July 18, 2019

While the city still has many problems, ranging from abandoned buildings to infrastructure issues, city leaders have begun implementing initiatives to revitalize the city. Big on the docket: city planning. According to an article in The Architect’s Newspaper, Maurice Cox, architect and former Charlottesville mayor, has developed a team of “36 planners, architects, urban designers, and landscape designers” billed as a think tank to reignite the city of Detroit—preserving existing culture while rebuilding infrastructure in a fresh and vibrant way that will encourage investment and draw new populations to the city.

Course Snippet: Drier by Design-Designing to Keep Water Out

On: June 20, 2019
weather architecture

“Construction Methods Used to Exclude Moisture

There are three primary components to keeping water out of our built environments. One is good maintenance and one is good construction. This portion focuses on good design, which involves precautions that can be implemented on the drawing board to prevent infiltration.

Longs Peak Toilets in Colorado Recognized In AIA Awards

On: June 20, 2019
outdoor architecture

The National Park Service partnered with University of Colorado design program called ColoradoBuildingWorkshop to re-design and construct new backcountry privies at the Rocky Mountain National Park. According to the design program, “the new Long’s Peak Privies explore lightweight prefabricated construction and emerging methods of waste collection to minimize the human footprint in Colorado’s backcountry.”

New Course Snippet: Aging in Place-Eliminating Pitfalls

On: June 20, 2019
aging and architecture

We have a long history of aging, pretty much since the beginning of time. It is no longer difficult to predict what will happen in our lives and bodies as we add to our years.
Balance will become a significant issue. This problem can arise from a loss of physical strength, effects of different medications, cognitive and visual impairments. Without thinking through a strategy to prevent or at least minimize falls, an issue with balance can become a significant health hazard. It’s a really good idea to periodically determine if loved ones (or you) can safely do these:

NEW Architects 30-Hour Complete Renewal Package for All States**

On: June 20, 2019
architect on laptop

This 30-hour renewal package will help with architect continuing education across different jurisdictions and will meet all online* state continuing education. It fulfills requirements for all 50 states and is equivalent to 30 HSW credits.

Lasers Used To Map Out Notre Dame Cathedral

On: June 20, 2019

The task of restoring Notre Dame is underway after a fierce fire shocked Paris and the world on April 15th. The fire ravaged two-thirds of the roof and collapsed the cathedral’s spire. The main structure has been saved after firefighters prevented the flames from spreading. French President Emmanuel Macron says he would like the church to reopen within 5 years but experts familiar with medieval restoration work said that type of timeline is unrealistic and could take around 2 decades to complete.

Dubai Creek Harbour: A Neighborhood of Innovative Architecture

On: May 21, 2019
Dubai Creek Harbour A Neighborhood of Innovative Architecture

The developers, Emaar Properties, have particular interest in creating architecture that fuses creativity, cutting-edge technology, innovation and design. Engineer and architect Santiago Calatrava has already been selected to create a tower that will serve as the centerpiece at Dubai Creek Harbor. 

World-Famous Architect, known for Pyramid at Lourve, I.M. Pei dies at 102

On: May 21, 2019
World-Famous Architect, known for Pyramid at Lourve, I.M. Pei dies at 102

His buildings are simplistic, inviting, elegant and iconic. He’s also known for his use of geometry and light. He was a leader in designing cultural institutions and cultural center points. He’s won every notable architectural award, including the Pritzker Prize. Judges at the time said Pei created “some of [the century’s] most beautiful interior spaces and exterior forms.”