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New Course: Danger in the Damp–Dealing with Mold

Architects Training Institute’s new course is called Danger in the Damp—Dealing with Mold. It will examine design and construction methods of systems designed to withstand water penetration. It will start with understanding of these systems and finding the source of intrusion then repairing and prevention.

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New Course: Drier By Design – Designing to Keep Water Out

Architects Training Institute new course called “Drier By Design-Designing to Keep Water Out.” The course focuses on moisture resistance principles and methods in a systematic fashion.

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills: A basic understanding of how water moves, migrates, and behaves;
typical sources of excess moisture in our build environments; proactive prevention of unwanted moisture through planning and design;
methods used during construction to prevent the intrusion of water; post-construction prevention of leakage by building envelope inspection;
common points of failure through which water can gain entrance; and prevention of water intrusion through control of condensation.

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