Author: Alicia Eckert

Preservation Iowa Announces 2020 Most Endangered Properties

Preservation Iowa “was organized in 1991 as the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance” in order to both educate the public and implement strategies in regards to preserving significant architectural sites in Iowa. Since 1995 Preservation Iowa has been compiling a list of buildings in Iowa that are greatly in need of preservation. Their goal is to provide a resource for media coverage in regards to the buildings, as well as connect property owners to preservation advocates and resources.

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Virginia Fire Chief Calls for Safety Code Amendments

“The National codes, the International Code Council, who is the model code that Virginia follows does have a requirement for fire sprinklers in one in two-family dwellings, as well as town houses. In Virginia, that requirement is removed at the state level, through the board of Housing and Community Development, so there is no current requirement for fire sprinklers in one in two-family dwellings.”

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