Vacant Historic South Carolina Building Could Turn into Hotel

Vacant Historic South Carolina Building COuld Turn Into Hotel

In 1919, the Plantation House Hotel in Edgefield was known as one of the most modern hotels in the state. However, after financial turmoil and decades of vacancy, the historic structure has sat empty and unused.

Now, a Greenville resident wants to return the hotel to its former glory and fix up the space that could accommodate up to 33 hotel rooms. NAF Holdings, an asset management company, bought the building from Preservation South Carolina with the intention of restoring the hotel that overlooks the Edgefield town square.

Edgefield is known for housing the National Wild Turkey Federation National Headquarters which attracts more than 10,000 visitors every year. Lodging is in short supply in the area and many visitors sleep as far as 30 miles away. Converting the Plantation House could be a profitable solution for the area and its visitors.

The Plantation House is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Preservation South Carolina says the hotel could have three retail spaces plus a dining area, restaurant bar or event space.

NAF Holdings hope the hotel could transform Edgefield into a destination for visitors to the Aiken and Augusta metro areas. The company hopes to help the building retain its character and its charm too.

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