Love It or Hate It: Opinions Split on New York City’s Vessel Sculpture

You either love it or you hate. There’s really no in between when it comes to the public’s, and the critics, take on New York City’s newest large structure, the Vessel.

The 16-story climbable design by architect Thomas Heatherwick is the focal point of Hudson Yards, the largest mixed-use private real estate development in U.S. history. The expanse features luxury apartments, restaurants, shopping and lodging.

And in the middle of it all, sits the Vessel, a $200 million project that some online haters have nicknamed “The Wastebasket” or “The Giant Schwarma” for it’s ovular shape with a skinny bottom and wide top.

The vessel, lined with 154 honey comb looking staircases is a ticketed attraction where people can ascend staircases throughout a winding route to the top where there are spectacular views.

Some critics have called the structure a ploy for people to stop and pose for an Instagram photo.

Architect Heatherwick told CBS, “I wanted it to be something that people could use and touch, and not something that they just sort of look at.”

The Vessel has 700 tickets available every day for people to judge the structure for themselves.

You can get tickets here

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