Maryland Architect License Renewal FAQs

maryland architect license renewal

Renewal deadlines for Maryland architects may vary, but the licensing requirements do not. Here are a few FAQ about how and when to renew your Maryland architect license. If you are unsure of your renewal date, you can search for your license here on the Maryland Board of Architects website.

How do I renew my Maryland architect license?

  1. You will receive a renewal notice approximately 60 days before your license will expire.
  2. Complete 24-hours of continuing education
  3. Renew your license online by paying the $76 renewal fee
  4. Enter your registration number exactly as it appears on your data card.

What are the Maryland continuing education requirements?

Licensees must have 12 hours of health, safety, and welfare (HSW) continuing education learning units during each calendar year that precedes each license term, 24 in total. Licensees renewing for the first time after receiving their initial license are exempt. You can find detailed information on the state of Maryland Board of Architects Continuing Professional Competency webpage.

What are Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) Credits?

AIA defines HSW credits as topics that relate to the structural integrity and soundness of a building or a building site. Course content must focus on protecting the general public.
Health – Aspects of architecture that have beneficial or salutary effects on occupants and users of buildings or sites and address environmental concerns

Safety – Aspects of architecture intended to limit or prevent accidental injury or death of occupants and users of buildings or sites.

Welfare – Aspects of architecture that engender demonstrable positive emotional responses from, or enable access by, users of buildings.

How much is my annual renewal fee?


Are AIA approved classes accepted to renew my Maryland architect license?

Yes, and if you are a member of the AIA, we have a package that will fulfill both your state and AIA CE credit requirements.

Do I have to turn in my AIA transcript of LU certificates?

You do not need to send us your transcript unless you have been notified that you are being audited. If you are selected for audit you will receive additional instructions for sending in your documentation.

My license has expired. How do I get it reinstated?

Architects who are 30 days past their expiration date must apply for reinstatement. Reinstatement fees are $100.00 plus the $76.00 application fee. LUs must be completed to apply for reinstatement.

I completed more than 24 hours this licensing term. Can I apply the excess hours that I earned to my next licensing term?

No. LUs earned in excess of the 12 annual units required for a license renewal may not be carried forward.