What’s Hot in 2019

Sustainable Architecture Courses

Design experts predict that “wellness architecture” will be big in 2019. It’s one of the most explosive trends that encompasses sustainability, intention, and tranquility. Veronica Schreibeis Smith is the founder and CEO of Vera Iconica Architecture in Jackson, Wyoming. In a Forbes article, she says you can expect to see this trend make it big in the New Year.

Spaces that promote a healthy lifestyle

Millennials of a home-buying age place high premiums on healthy lifestyles and quality experiences. They like saving time, too. That’s reflected in their taste in everything from food, furniture, appliances, and home designs. It’s no surprise, then, to see that innovations that save time and are multi-functional will be big in 2019.

Schreibeis Smith says engineered stone counters, induction stoves, pizza ovens, and high-tech coffee systems will all appeal to this age group. She predicts architects and designers will start forming rooms around new lifestyle choices.

Green, non-toxic materials

Today’s consumer is knowledgeable and conscious of the chemicals and toxins in everyday products, food, and beverages. This heightened awareness has increased the demand for healthy, sustainable building materials. Materials that are both ecologically sustainable and non-toxic will increase in demand.

Connection to Nature

Looking at trees, or plants subconsciously calms the mind. Even the color green evokes feelings of tranquility. In the stressed, over-connected world climate, many are intentionally seeking escapes. As consumers turn towards a more natural, calm, ecologically-minded lifestyle, they are also looking for designs that connect or reflect these same goals. Design experts predict that plant finishes, indoor gardens and organic materials will show up a lot this year.