Oregon Architect Firm Wins AIA 2018 Healthcare Design Award

Oregon Architect CE

The AIA has awarded the Eastside Health Clinic one of their prestigious 2018 Healthcare Design Awards!

The Eastside Health Center was designed by Ankrom Moisan Architects and owned by Central City Concern. The building is located in Portland and includes a healthcare facility,  34 transitional housing units, 10 palliative care rooms, 118 SROs and 12 respite care beds, and retail space. The architects designed the space to make patients feel at home and create a sense of comfort, community, and safety. In keeping with this concept, the housing is organized into family pods which not only, keeps patients comfortable, but also, encourages interaction among residents.

This is by no means Ankrom Moisan’s first healthcare endeavor, their works can be found throughout Oregon and Washington. Each building maintains a focus on patient care and comfort. According to their site:

“HEALTHCARE design is a practice we feel especially passionate about. As our culture shifts away from reacting to illness and becomes more proactive about wellness, how we approach healthcare will inform design and architecture across the country. Whether we are helping renovate a family health clinic or reshaping the cancer treatment experience, our mission is to create places where people and communities can not only thrive but heal.”