Michigan Architect Spotlight: The Value of Inspiring Future Leaders

At Architects Training Institute, we value more than simply keeping licenses up-to-date through continuing education. We also care about how architects use their skills to help educate and inspire others to make a positive difference in their local communities. That’s why we’d like to highlight Detroit-native Rainy Hamilton Jr., president of Hamilton Anderson Associates (HAA).

Photo of Rainy Hamilton Jr.
Rainy Hamilton Jr. Photo © Ernest Sisson

While the original Architectural Record article focused a lot of attention on HAA’s Detroit-heavy project portfolio, we’d like to spotlight Mr. Hamilton’s dedication to lifting up a new generation of architects, specifically women and people of color.

After creating a positive reputation for HAA by doing work they thought “was meaningful in Detroit,” Hamilton continued to build up his local community in a different way. HAA actively works to ensure that its leadership includes BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) men and women. “I am focused on bringing people on and allowing them to grow as much and as fast as they want,” says Hamilton. “I want to groom our people to be able to run their own practice one day.”

Group Photo of Hamilton Anderson Associates
Hamilton Anderson Associates. Photo © Ernest Sisson

When speaking to young designers, Hamilton encourages them to “learn all aspects of what an architecture practice has to do to be in business.” Hamilton attributes his detail-oriented nature to his father, who started a successful landscaping company. He remembers the care his father took, even with out-of-the-way corners of a yard that might go unseen.

We applaud Rainy Hamilton and HAA for not only aiding in the effort to revitalize Detroit, but also making sure young designers can learn, grow, and someday create positive changes in their own communities with their own firms.

What are some ways you try to use your work to create positive changes in your community? Let us know on social media! And a reminder to Michigan Architects, your license renewal deadline is October 31st! View our CE course package options below!

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