Preservation Iowa Announces 2020 Most Endangered Properties

Endangered Buildings in Iowa

Preservation Iowa “was organized in 1991 as the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance” in order to both educate the public and implement strategies in regards to preserving significant architectural sites in Iowa. Since 1995 Preservation Iowa has been compiling a list of buildings in Iowa that are greatly in need of preservation. Their goal is to provide a resource for media coverage in regards to the buildings, as well as connect property owners to preservation advocates and resources.

The list this year is composed of two former schools, two public buildings, three historic homes, a rowhouse and a pump house. The properties were selected by a panel of judges from a pool of community submissions. “The four criteria for choosing the final list [are ] geographic distribution, historic significance, nature of the threat [to the building] and variety of building type.”

Many of these properties are abandoned and deteriorating due to neglect. From Preservation Iowa’s Facebook: “Our state’s historic structures are a source of pride for many, and rehabilitation work can be a catalyst for reinvestment in the surrounding blocks.” The hope is that by highlighting the beauty and history of these buildings, someone may be called to help preserve these significant sites.

To read more about the history of each of this year’s buildings please visit Preservation Iowa’s Facebook page. For a list of past years’ buildings and to find out how you can get involved, please visit