AIA President Issues Call To Action Letter On Climate Change

Green Architecture

AIA President Carl Elefante released a call to action letter to confront climate change. The letter opens with a direct message surmising the AIA’s stance on global warming: “As an association founded to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, the AIA has a responsibility to speak out against climate change and to promote emissions reductions in the building sector.”

In Elefante’s statement, he lists multiple reports from the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4)  and two recent United Nations reports (IPCC Report and 2018 Emissions Gap Report) to make it clear that the science is irrefutable. The earth is warming faster than anticipated and the current international community needs to do more.

Elefante calls on architects to use their design knowledge to reduce building emissions and to help explain the challenge to a wide audience.



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