Delaware Architects Continued Education Requirements

Total State Hours: 24 hours each two-year cycle
Total AIA Membership Hours: 18 Annually, including 12 HSW

CE Deadline: December 31st every two years
Renewal Deadline: January 31st of even-numbered years

Who notifies the state of Delaware of my architect continued education?

An architect shall complete and maintain forms as required by the Board certifying that the architect has completed the required Continuing Education Hours. Documentation of reported Continuing Education Hours shall be maintained by the architect for six years from the date of award.

Are AIA approved classes accepted?


I have extra Delaware architect continuing education hours, can I apply them to the next renewal cycle?

Continuing education hours are only valid for the calendar year the hours were completed. Excess hours will not be credited to a future calendar year.

Do I need to complete continuing education requirements for my AIA Membership?

Yes, as an Architect member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), 18 learning unit hours are required per calendar year for membership renewal.  Of these 18 hours, at least 12 hours must be in subjects designated as Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW).

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